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The energy to make a difference.

The Alliance Petroleum Corporation is a group of dominant refiners, banded together to achieve a common objective: to sell fuel. Valero Refining and Tesoro together with large fuel brokerage firms form a network to seek the unbranded fuel business of as many Fuel Marketers as are interested. In return, interested fuel marketers receive the benefit of volume discounts on their Alliance Corporation unbranded fuels purchased.

BRAND POSITIONING:The Alliance brand truly represents an alliance of refining power and stability. With this collective power and stability, they are able to offer an alternative branding option to Service Station Owners.

BRAND IMAGE:The Alliance image is relatively simple, but clean and attractive. Its color scheme is primarily blue and white, with red accenting throughout. This red, white, and blue image is as American as apple pie, and is widely accepted by the motoring public.

REPRESENTATION:Alliance is well represented in the Southern California area, with the majority of the existing Alliance stations being located in that geographic region. Recently, however, we have begun to populate the North State with stations representing the Alliance brand. Its clean familiar image is rapidly gaining interest and popularity among Station Owners, while at the same time gaining the recognition and trust of the motoring public.

In the interest of maintaining the clean, inviting image that the Alliance brand currently has, sites applying for Alliance branding must meet the minimum requirements, as indicated below. Exceptions will be considered, but will only be approved in extreme circumstances. Exception requests must be submitted for approval; approval or denial decisions will be at the discretion of the Alliance Petroleum Corporation and SST Oil.


  • Canopy
  • Paved lot/driveway
  • Compliance with current city, county state, and local codes
  • Adherence to the Alliance Standards Program
  • Alliance paint and decal scheme (including dispensers)
  • Alliance signage scheme
  • Universal credit card network
  • CRIND pumps preferred, not required
  • 10-year Agreement
  • Must maintain volume that site was achieving for the 12 months prior to Alliance brand conversion
  • Internally illuminated price/main ID sign

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