Commercial Fueling Network


SST Oil has proudly been a member of CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) since 1989 and we currently operate various sites in Northern California. CFN has over 57,000 fueling locations throughout the United States and Canada. CFN is the largest card lock fueling system on the West Coast and continues expanding across the United States. The service doesn’t stop at the pump though. CFN offers unsurpassed technology, total fuel management, and security controls customized to fit your fueling needs.

As an SST/CFN customer you will be provided with many benefits and features. You will have the availability to fuel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CFN now offers new features such as:

  • Time Restrictions
  • Gallon Restrictions
  • Location Restrictions
  • Card Restrictions
  • E-receipts

CFN also offers internet access. If your card is lost or stolen we have the ability to invalidate that card within seconds of notification offering you a higher level of service and security.

As a Participant of CFN, SST Oil offers itemized billing which allows the customer to:

  • See individual card transactions
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Fueling locations
  • Product types
  • Vehicle numbers
  • Odometer readings
  • Quantity of fuel purchased
  • Pricing

For further information on obtaining a CFN account with SST Oil, contact us through our information page at You may print out a credit application online and send it to the address listed at the top of the application, or you can call us at (530) 241-1167.